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How to find LinkedIn Connections?

When you first signup to LinkedIn you start connecting with your friends, colleagues, classmates. But you can also connect to connection’s connection by inviting them to join your network. This is the real power of LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn connections

Connections are nothing but people who are part of your network. This is completely different than Facebook. LinkedIn warns against adding unknown people to your network.

In LinkedIn connections , there are 3 kind of connections. In first connections, you are directly connected with people through invitation. In 2nd it is a connections’ connection. In 3rd, people with whom you have other network connections.

To build connection you need to invite a person to join your network. Once they accept your invitation they will be in your connection. Similarly when somebody needs you to be in their network, first they need to send invitation and you need to accept it.When invitation is accepted, both the people are added in each others connection list.

You can send invitations through LinkedIn in several ways. If your friend is in your email contact list, then you can check the checkbox next to the name of that person and click on send invitation button. LinkedIn will send generic invitation to everybody unless you have personal message.

LinkedIn verify whether you really know that person before sending invitations to them. You will receive questions like how you know this person? If you choose his or her as friend or other, it will ask email address of that person.

You can also block invitations from LinkedIn. You can choose to get notifications on invitations that is received from known people i.e whose email address is in your email contact list. You can also delete a connection after you accepted. Go to list of connections , check the checkbox next to the person whom you want to remove from your LinkedIn connections. Then click on remove connections.

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