Email Marketing

Email Marketing

DigitalDeck made Email Marketing easy

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DigitalDeck, India’s leading Email Marketing Company, helps you reach your target group effectively at a minimal cost. Email Marketing  Campaigns helps you connect with your customers in just a few clicks. Use DigitalDeck and save time and track your campaign from anywhere in the world. Use emails to reach a large number of people in less time and money. Allow Email marketing to give a massive boost to your business. Customize your message, promote offers, send reminders, bag new clients, and more! Strategize powerful marketing messages through DigitalDeck Email Marketing Campaigns.


Event-based Triggers

Graduate your target audience to the next level in your sales pipeline using DigitalDeck Event-based Triggers.

APIs to integrate with your CRM

Integrate your website or CRM or web applications seamlessly with

DigitalDeck for your email marketing using DigitalDeck APIs.

A/B testing to send out best mailer

Improve your email marketing campaigns by using DigitalDeck’s A/B testing. This feature enables email to be sent to the best performing sample of your creative. DigitalDeck’s A/B testing will also help you know the best performing subject-line.


Google Analytics to track visits on your website

Track the visits to your website from the email scheduled using DigitalDeck. DigitalDeck has a provision to create the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tracking code automatically. And that helps you track the performance of your email campaign in Google Analytics.

DigitalDeck Reports to know your target audience

Know the behavior of your audience by analyzing the reports generated through DigitalDeck interface. Reports are the heart of DigitalDeck’s success. DigitalDeck generates various reports that will help you track the email performance. These email analytics also help you know the behavior of your target audience. Email marketing reports are displayed in a very attractive and graphical format.

Anti-Spam feature to send spam-free emails

DigitalDeck follows strict anti-spam policies every time you upload email lists. It also takes the anti-spam commitment to the readers of the emails. This will help your email land in the inbox.

Dedicate IP address settings

Drop the emails into the Inbox. DigitalDeck assigns a dedicated IP address to each client to help the better email delivery. Contact DigitalDeck Support to know more details about DNS setting and dedicated IP address process.