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Remarketing strategies

What is Remarketing?

It is an online marketing strategy of targeting visitors who have already visited and left your site, so showing ads may influence them to revisit your site and convert them from visitors to buyers. For example, tag people who visit a page about shoes, advertise them only shoes. By doing this remarketing become very useful.

Other examples like Advertise renewal of product (like antivirus) to users who purchased a year ago. Showing running shoe advertisements to the customer who searched for it and couldn’t complete the purchase process.

remarketing process

How does Remarketing works?

You need to create at least one user list in order to get started with it. So add the remarketing tag, which is a small snippet of code you can get from ad exchange to all your pages. Place this in your page’s footer section.

Next, create lists of the users for your web pages. For example, If you want to create a user list for visitors to your homepage, then this tag tells Ad Exchange to save visitors who visit the home page to your “Homepage list.” When visitors visit that page, their cookie ID is added to the remarketing list.

Advantages of Remarketing

One of the main advantages of remarketing is it allows you to target users based on different interests. It means to attract users with a wide range of interests that relates to your site. If you offer a wide selection of marketing services, filter your services to attract users based on their interest. Once they visit your site show them specific marketing services that you offer so visitors visit the pages in which they are interested.

Once you filtered your visitors, now you will be in a good position to remarket your services. Choose specific remarketing tags based on each specific service for your web pages. Hence, if your users left site also, you can target them with ads based interests, and they’ll be more likely to come back to your site and convert.

On which pages should I put remarketing tags?

First, begin with a page which gets the most traffic to add the remarketing tags. Find out the most important keywords associated with those pages and add them as tags. Then select other pages which advertise specific services that you want to know many people.

Remarketing your front page will not be much effective. Because In front page you filter your visitors based on specific interests. So the more specific visitors you remarket the more likely they will get interested to return to your page.

So you can also start using this strategy if your website has good traffic, but you are not getting many conversions or sales. This helps in the conversion of potential customers to buyers by returning to your site. If you are really seeking for your website conversions you can just give a try to this strategy and see improvements. To add these tags to your sites, you can visit site https://support.google.com/adxbuyer/answer/2695280?hl=en&ref_topic=27574