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LinkedIn Interests Section

LinkedIn Interests section

LinkedIn interests section adds more information related to your career goal. Here you are providing both professional and personal interests.

Note that LinkedIn Interests section specifies several job titles, key product areas and other skill sets that can be count in a recruiter’s search.

LinkedIn Interests section Benefits

LinkedIn interests section

You can add up to 1K characters in the Additional Info subsection in interest section. This is typically displayed at the bottom of your profile. Here are few tips to add information to this section which will be beneficial to your career.

When you are viewing other person’s profile, LinkedIn collects words from that person’s interest section and compares it with yours, and display common interests. This will helps in building connection with that person.

In the clickable search section, when you enter a word, phrase, LinkedIn will open “Advanced People search” window.

So if you want to follow any company or person you can you can just click that word in the interest section. Advanced search  function in LinkedIn will provide you the collection of all the LinkedIn member who has that specific word in their profile. So that you can filter the list by company, country, etc..

 The search algorithm of LinkedIn helps the words to display multiple times on your profile. So it is really good to include your most important keywords in this section like coding, programming etc..

You can include typical interests like reading, cricket playing etc.. and also some of unique interests like dancing, fishing etc…

You can share your interests with your target managers and recruiters in LinkedIn interest section of your profile. This information will may help to build good impression on you when they look at your profile.

By following these steps, your profile will be seen more interestingly. And it also increases productivity of your profile in LinkedIn.