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Facebook Advertising

Basics of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a fast and versatile advertising channel for advertisers who are looking to target users by categories like age, gender, interests, location, education and many more. So Facebook advertising can be simple in some ways but sometimes it is easy to invest and end up with getting nothing. So it is better to know about Facebook advertising before you get into it.


You can put ads in below places.

The right side of the NewsFeed – These are small ads that are placed in the home screen of the Facebook page. Any business can run these ads even though if that business doesn’t have the Facebook business page.

Sponsored Posts Desktop– These are the Ads that displayed as “sponsored” content in the Facebook timeline when viewing on a desktop.

Sponsored Posts/Page Mobile – The sponsored posts are shown up on mobile Facebook.

Instagram Ads – You can also use Instagram to send sponsored posts.  You can do this even if you don’t have an Instagram account. But you have to use the Facebook Business Manager to send ads.

You can advertise on Facebook in 3 ways.

1. Through the Facebook ads interface
2. The Power Editor
3. Through a specialist third party software provider

If you are a newbie to Facebook advertising, then  Facebook ads interface will be an easy way for you to get started. Once you have a little bit good experience you can use Power Editor for the bidding and targeting process.

If you want a higher level of precision and optimization then you can use campaign management tools. These are built on top of the Facebook Ads API and targeting and bidding are more precise than the standard Facebook ads interface.

Facebook is not expensive if you specifically target your potential customers and how many you can reach. If you have only 5$ to start with, just set up that much and there is no danger going over.