LinkedIn job search tips

LinkedIn job search tips

LinkedIn job search tips

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. LinkedIn has more importance in networking, job searching. More than 90% of recruiters and managers started using LinkedIn to select candidates, in same way job seekers using this professional network to get good career opportunities. Here are few LinkedIn job search tips to enhance your job searches.

The information you provided in LinkedIn should resembles your resume. Your LinkedIn profile is your online version of your resume. Using LinkedIn you can enhance the information in your resume.

LinkedIn Job search Tips

First start connecting with people in LinkedIn, like classmates, family members, coworkers, friends, etc.. Start adding at least 30-50 connections at the beginning.

There are many groups available in LinkedIn. These groups focused on industry,interest, profession, interest etc.. You can join up to 50 groups. Joining these groups will help you to get connected with people of same interest so you can share information, discussion, and have network.

You can search for groups of your interest using search box available on LinkedIn. It would be good to enquire before joining the group based on comparing with other groups, how active they are, number of members in group.

In advanced search under job category you can directly search for jobs/internships.  To get more relevant job  results it is good to perform advanced search. You can search jobs based on keyword, location, job function, experience etc.. Once you done with searching you can create “saved search” , using which you can  get the updated results daily, weekly, monthly basis through email.

 LinkedIn advanced search

There are many companies on the LinkedIn which you can follow to get information on that company. The company people manage the page and provide accurate information about the company. The company information includes overview, description , jobs opportunities of that company.

Once you start following a company you will receive updates on that company like its products, careers on your home screen, so you can get information on that company’s interest.

By making use of these LinkedIn job search tips definitely you can find better career path.

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